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“If you don’t know the score, you don’t know if you’re winning.”

Wise words!

Now that it’s July, let’s take a hard look at patient attendance and missed appointments for our practice for the month of June. Since I’m all about getting results, I thought I’d share them with you.

New Patients

  • 100% Attendance
  • We saw 17 more new patients this month over June 2011.
  • We are not doing any marketing right now. Our internal word of mouth program has been bringing in results all on its own!

Hygiene Patients

  • 96% Attendance
  • We saw over 200 hygiene patients this month. In fact, we saw 34 MORE hygiene patients this June over last June.

Treatment Patients

  • 95% Attendance
  • 5 of those who did not come in, were double booked elderly denture adjustments. (In fact, one of those patients called us from the ER waiting room because her husband was being seen for heart failure.) No production, no chair time lost, no big deal. If we factor those out, we had 98%  attendance for treatment.

Why is our attendance so high?

Well, it all starts from the FIRST interaction we have with patients. Right from their VERY first contact with us (a phone call) we use the New Patient Reservation System. It teaches patients that we are SERIOUS about seeing them and taking care of their needs.  We truly have trained our patients to respect our time, and the proof is how consistently they return for future visits. With some time, effort, and proper systems in place, it IS possible!

If you are constantly frustrated with no shows in your practice, you have some options.

1. You can choose to complain about it and continue to be frustrated with lost time and opportunity on your schedule. You can CONVINCE yourself that there is no way to fix this problem. You can BELIEVE that your staff has little control over the schedule.


2. You can DO something about it. If all of your composite restorations started failing, wouldn’t you stop, analyze your system, and change your bonding agent? I would certainly hope so!

The bottom line is that there ARE things you can do to reduce your missed appointments. We just celebrated our most profitable month of June in our 20 year history.

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