Never Stress AGAIN When An Employee Leaves!

I use my blog as an opportunity to share real and practical advice-things that we actually do in our practice. This particular blog is about something that I got burned on over and over before I wised up and made a change. If you do nothing else that I recommend, please do what I'm about to tell you. It has saved us from a lot of heartache and stress. I only wish I had thought about it 20 years … [Continue reading...]

Team In-Service #2 Dental Insurance. Feel free to Use For Your Own Practice!

As you may recall, I started doing "in-service" monthly meetings with my team recently.  We use this meeting time as an opportunity to explore dentistry outside of our own office walls. If you are unfamiliar with my in-service meetings, please read about the first in-service here. My goal is to expose our employees to podcasts, videos, and online mini classes that they might not know exist. I … [Continue reading...]