I am the EggMan!

Today I bought an egg! Just one egg-and it’s rather large and green and I can’t wait to eat off it!

Confused? Don’t be! Today, my fiance and I purchased a new grill called, “The Big Green Egg”.

Here’s what it looks like:

We’ve spent the last 4 weeks researching all kinds of grills online and this was the one we chose! We’ve been really busy lately and haven’t gotten a chance to get one until today.

We knew there was a location close to us that sold them, so we took a drive out there after work today. When we got to the store, we saw that they had the ‘Eggs’ outside all lined up by the front door. My fiance started drooling. I made him wipe his mouth and then we headed inside.

I noticed that the place was empty except for one salesman behind the counter. He was on the phone, and didn’t look up to acknowledge us until his call was done. We told him that we had seen the ‘Egg’ online, and were really interested in the medium sized one. He heavily sighed, and said he only had the large size. He leafed through a catalog and gave us some prices of the medium size and told us that he would have to order it.  I mentioned that the large ones that were outside seemed rather small, and he just sort of shrugged.  At this point, I looked over at my fiance and gave him a look that meant, “This guy is the worst salesman ever!”. I got a nod of understanding back from him, and I told the salesman that we were going to look at them outside again.

Once we were outside, we hemmed and hawed over the grills for about 4 seconds before we decided to leave. As we walked back to the car, we were kind of bummed. We were so excited all day to get that darn ‘Egg’, and then that salesman had to put a damper on the whole thing. Everything from his poor body language, his unenthusiastic presentation, and his lack of knowledge were REALLY unappealing and completely turned us away.

We didn’t let it get us down for too long. Instead, we just went to a different location.

The next city over had a similar fireplace/grill store that also sold ‘Eggs’. Once we entered that store, we were INSTANTLY greeted by an employee who introduced himself as Steve. We told Steve that we had our eye on the ‘Egg’ and  he showed us over to that area telling us about all the benefits of that type of grill along the way. He also told us a funny story about another customer who said he liked that grill better than he liked his own wife. My fiance and I laughed right along with Steve. Steve showed us the medium size that we had requested, and I noticed that it was the same size as the ‘large’ at the other store. The salesman at the other location told me the wrong thing! He DID have a medium in stock! As my fiance started drooling again, Steve handed me a complimentary book about the ‘Egg’ that included info about the grill AND was full of cooking ideas.

We were sold!

Steve wrote up our order, and I noticed that the price was slightly higher at this second store than at the first store. You know what though? We totally didn’t care about that. It was worth the extra few bucks to work with a person and company that seemed really happy to work with us!

I’m not sure if either one of those salesmen work on commission. If the first salesman works on commission, he lost out on a bigger paycheck.  We walked into his store, came right out and told him what we wanted. He knew we researched the ‘Egg’, so it would make sense that we already knew about how much it cost. In other words, we were a REALLY easy sale, but he still blew it. Everything about his disposition made us uncomfortable. There was no eye contact, no handshake, no willingness to come out from behind the desk to talk to us.

Steve was the complete opposite of the first salesman. (I don’t even know what the first guy’s name was because he never introduced himself.) I hope Steve works on commission!

We chose to work with Steve for a few reasons, but mostly because he seemed to want to work with us. Why in the world would we want to give business to someone who obviously didn’t give a second thought to our needs?

All of this (naturally) makes me think about our own offices and how we deal with our patients, coworkers, family, and friends.  Do we behave like Steve or the nameless guy? What about your assistants, hygienists, and front desk? Are they Steves? How do they interact with your patients?

What do each and every one of us do to make other people feel comfortable or uncomfortable? How are we presenting ourselves to the world? With your actions, what messages are you putting out there about yourself?

I know I’ve written about the Golden Rule before, but it’s only because I strongly believe in it.

“Do unto others as you would have them do to you”

We get to pick up the grill and all the accessories in a few days! Even though that location is farther away than the first one, my fiance and I have already decided to get all future supplies from that second store as well. We will remain loyal to the ones who treat us kindly and with friendship.

I’ll have to post some pictures when we get it put together!

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