Maintaining Uniformity

Like a lot of things in this dental practice, the RIGHT solution to a problem came from years of getting burned.

So, we used to buy scrubs for our employees. There was no system to it really. The Lydia’s catalogue would arrive and no matter how much I tried to bury it in the trash, someone would find it and insist she needed new scrubs. That little magazine would get passed to all employees and the next thing I know, I’d get handed a list of scrub tops and pants in various styles, colors, and sizes that I had to order (and pay for).

For years, that was our “system”. It was ridiculous-especially when an employee would leave the practice. They would also take “their” scrubs with them. It was also annoying that the employees each wore something different because they could not agree on style and color.

When we moved to our new office a few years back, I worked really hard on re-branding ourselves which included fixing the uniform issue. I knew I had to take control over that situation. I decided that we would all wear embroidered uniform jackets and black scrub pants. I figured that if the jackets were embroidered with the doctor’s name and logo then they couldn’t be worn anywhere else-they were clearly office owned.  We ended up getting five different colors so that we could all wear one color per day. I got them in a variety of sizes and a few extras so that I always had a spare or two on hand.  Sometimes we hire a temp hygienist and it works out well when she can put on a jacket and immediately look like the rest of the team. I really like that we only have to replace a jacket about every two years-that’s a nice cost savings for me!

I topped off the uniform look with a name tag that includes the doctor’s logo. It’s much more cost effective to just buy a name tag for a new employee than to have her name embroidered in jackets or to buy her a whole new scrub wardrobe.

Here are some pics of us throughout various days. Not only do we look great, but it’s a great, cost effective, and low stress system!

What do you think? What do you do in your practice?

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  1. Great idea. Sometimes the simplest solutions are the best.

  2. Nicely solved. Best of luck in your business!

  3. Hey great way to save some money, and your staff look snazzy in those jackets.

  4. Where did you order the magnetic name tags?

  5. I designed and ordered them from the Copy & Print division of Staples. I did it all right on their website.

  6. Great idea, so I’m assuming they keep their black scrub pants but the jackets stay in office ? Do you launder the jackets then? Do you buy each staff member five pants? Do have your front desk personnel in scrubs also? Thanks.

  7. The simple answer is yes for all of those. We take care of the laundry for them. The front desk dresses the same as those in the back. It’s important to me that they all look the same.