We’re moving to a bigger location!

As many of you may know, our office is moving to a bigger location!

It was about a year ago when we realized that we were approaching capacity. I’m proud of us. We have great systems that have made us thrive in a poor Cleveland economy.

Anyway, at the end of last summer, we met with an architect to discuss adding another operatory at our current location, but we quickly shot that idea down when we realized that we couldn’t add any more square footage. The last thing I wanted was  to see more patients in a tighter and more cramped space.

Turns out that a colleague of ours, who owns an office about 5 miles from us, was looking to sell his space. Everything about his office appealed to us-additional square footage, extra patient chair, more populated location, newer equipment, etc. We were immediately sold on the idea. The thought of moving seemed a little overwhelming for me at first-especially since I’ve never moved an office before-but I was super excited to get started.

Once we made the decision to move, which was at the end of the summer last year,  it dawned on me that we should use this move as opportunity to recreate and rebrand ourselves. Once those wheels started turning-things started taking on a life of their own!

So, here’s a glimpse of my stream of consciousness back in September. (Strap on your seat belts.)

“Well, we should rebrand and relaunch. We need to freshen up our logo.

If we freshen up our logo, I’ll need to update everything-all of our forms, letters, envelopes, business cards, postcards, handouts etc. Re-design and order it all.

If we change those things, I’ll also have to get the website updated. If we get the website updated, we might as well get an expert-someone who really knows about dental office websites to make those changes. If we update our website, we will have to take employee photos (get a haircut!), write bios, new content, and even blog. Contact David Wank at Short Hills Design.

If we want to look good for the new site, we will all have to get new uniforms. If we get new uniforms, we will have to get them embroidered. Find a local place.

Since we are going to be recreating ourselves, we might as well get new promotional items that we’ve never had before. How about lip balm, hand sanitizer, mugs, gift bags? Got to get that new logo on all those things. Design and order.

If we are going to have new employees and a bigger office, we are going to have to better organize our supplies and materials.  Time to color code-EVERYTHING. Order tubs, cages, cassettes, tape, bands. Contact Jeremy at Zirc.

What instruments are we acquiring in the move? How many more about we going to need to create procedural cages? Order instruments.

If we change our organizational systems, I’m going to have to rewrite our office training manuals to match. Do this at home during free time.

We’ll need new outdoor signage. We will have to contact a company and the city for that.

It’s been two years since we negotiated our fees with Aetna. We are eligible for renewal. Let’s do that ASAP so we can have higher fees established before we move. Email rep.

We’re going to need 3 more workstations. By the way, our current server needs more memory and all the clients are due for an update. We will also need additional MacPractice licenses. When should we buy all of those? I’d prefer to space those purchases out over the next few months. Call MacPractice.

We’re going to have to start telling our patients NOW about the move. Train all staff to promote the move in a positive way.  I want to look our patients in the eye and tell them in person. I want to say, “Hey, the next time we see you, it will be at the new place.” We need to make a flyer so we have something to hand to them, to show them exactly where the new office is and why we’re moving. They need a map and photos of the building and surrounding areas. Give them an incentive to keep the flyer-also make it a “ticket” for a drawing. Make things as succinct and clear as possible. We also need to be really good at updating patient contact info.

We need to plan a grand re-opening party. I’ll have to order food, decorations, get door prizes, etc. When should we have that?

We will have to contact every vendor and tell them that we’re moving. All insurance companies will have to update our info with new W-9 forms.

We’ll have to contact the phone company. Can we keep our number?

Our equipment (chairs, x-ray units, panorex) have to go. We don’t need them anymore. Sell them. Put out classified and tell people on facebook. Get them sold!

Go through back storage room. Throw away stuff we don’t need. In fact, pull out everything on every shelf in the entire office and see what’s what. Do this on a non working saturday and all day sunday.

Go to new office, take photos of everything. Create a visual office “map” of office and plan what’s going to go where. Give a copy to all staff that way everyone will know where to put things on moving day.

Talk to old landlord. Talk to new landlord.

Determine any minor repairs/painting that may need to be done. Schedule a time to do this.

Create new office maintenance binder for the new equipment.

Restructure staff responsibilities. Logistically, in a bigger space, we are going to have to change the way we do some things. Spend time thinking about polishing some roles, adding responsibilities, new staff training etc.

Download interoffice messaging system. We will be in a much bigger space and I want to practice with a messaging system now.

Change our office email signature to indicate move. Also promote it heavily on our monthly email newsletters.

Make staff appreciation gifts.

Schedule for Benco and all equipment buyers to arrive on moving day to get all old stuff out of here.

Start saving boxes and start packing.”

So there you have it. This move has been all consuming. It’s weird though, we haven’t even moved yet (that’s happening on April 16th) but I feel like I’m over the hump. Almost everything has been checked off that list. It wasn’t the actual moving day that had me worried, it was all the other stuff.  That’s why I haven’t been blogging much in the past few months-things were so hectic around here. Now, here we are about 6 weeks away from the move, and for the first time since September, I feel calm and ready.  Or maybe it’s the calm before the storm? Either way, I need a nap.

Here are some pages from the training manual I wrote for our office with our Zirc color coding system and some photos of the new place. Now it’s your chance to tell me if I’ve forgotten anything! Let me know in the comments below!

Missy is too excited for her own good.

Missy is too excited for her own good.

Operatory and the Front Desk

Operatory and the Front Desk



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  1. All while maintaining a minimum of 97% patient attendance rate!

  2. Best of luck with this move. I hope your expectations are met.

  3. Fantastic blog and I would just like to wish you all the best for the future!