My doctors couldn’t be happier!

I would highly recommend Next Step Dental Resources to everyone!  Before having the reservation system in place, we would have new patients that would simply blow off their appointments with us.  It was lost production, a waste of doctor time, and it took time away from patients that really wanted to see us.  When I heard about the reservation system I was a little nervous.  I wondered if patients would be “turned off” by us asking for a credit card to make a dentist appointment.  I’ve never been asked to put a credit card down to schedule an appointment.  Would we miss opportunities with new patients?  I decided that we should at least take a look at what this reservation system was all about.  I contacted Missy and got the information and thought “what do I have to lose?” I jumped right in and was the first to start using it.  I was so nervous with that first call.  I tried not to stumble over my words and be confident.  To my surprise patients were ok with giving me their credit card!  I couldn’t believe it.  You get scripts and watch videos of how to handle the call and the “challenging” patient.  This system really helps to “weed out” the patients that are serious and not serious. We have been using the reservation system for  almost a year.  Missy really teaches you how to handle each call and you will be pleasantly surprised of how well it works. My doctors couldn’t be happier!

~ Brandie and Grandview Dental Care

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