New Patient Reservation System

Note: This system is no longer available for purchase

No shows, missed appointments, or brokens…. No matter what you call them they all mean a loss of time and money for your dental office. It hurts the practice when a current patient fails to show for an appointment, and it REALLY hurts when a new patient no shows.

Most people find me when they’ve had one too many broken appointments in their schedule and they are ready to SOLVE the problem once and for all. It’s a good thing you stumbled across this site because I can show you how to NEVER wait around for those patients again!

How am I so confident that I can help? Well, I have 15 years of dental office experience. As office manager, I’ve scheduled thousands of new patients over the years. We struggled with missed appointments too. I tried different strategies to curb the problem, but nothing GUARANTEED that all of those new patients would actually make through the front door. Every time a new patient didn’t show, I felt like a failure.

I didn’t know it at the time, but I was part of the problem. Yup, I’ll admit it. I was the one who needed to change. The front desk REALLY IS the one in control of the whole process. I thought I always did a good job on the phones. I was friendly and expressed value-but it WASN’T ENOUGH!

One day, after a chat with my doctor, everything became crystal clear. I had to shift  my routine from making appointments to taking reservations. I ran with the idea and NEVER LOOKED BACK!

I spent the next year creating and perfecting a system that revolved around this new mindset. It was not easy and I faced a lot of challenges, but the end result was exactly what we were looking for-ZERO new patient broken appointments. How many offices can say that? (WE CAN!)

The Result

  • Patients WILL show up.
  • Patients WILL contact your office if they need to reschedule/cancel.
  • Patients WILL take future reservations with your office seriously.
  • Patients WILL be more likely conform to your policies.
  • Patients WILL accept treatment more often.
  • Patients WILL be more compliant with financial arrangements for other treatment.