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Patients WANT a dental plan-especially those who have recently lost coverage.”I don’t have insurance”, is NO LONGER an excuse to skip out on a dental appointment.Take back charge of your patient flow and capture new patients!
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Who answers your phone when you aren’t there? Don’t bother with a useless answering service! Get the virtual office support you need! Growing Practice Profitability One Appointment at a Time!
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DePaulPowerprox Six Month Braces is a fantastic procedure you can offer your patients. It can be used as a stand-alone procedure or as a way to enhance the results of your cosmetic and reconstructive cases. You will work on patients who want to be there, are happy to pay you and will refer many other patients to you. The financial rewards to your practice are enormous. There is a very high demand for this service. Powerprox Six Month Braces can be easily worked into your existing general dentistry practice – most cases take only 3 to 5 hours of chair time. Powerprox Six Month Braces is what dentistry is all about: helping people, improving smiles and providing for yourself and your family.
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Dr. David Wank with Short Hills Design, LLC provides website development, search engine optimization and social media services for dentists and physicians.  Dr. Wank is a practicing general dentist, so he has a perspective that very few other people have. He understands dentistry and internet marketing.

Dr. Wank created  the ‘Web Design Workbook for Dentists’ a non-technical website development overview guide for dentists, dental office mangers,  and dental team members.  This is not a how to guide. It’s a comprehensive look from 10,000 feet of what you need to know –  before you spend thousands of dollars on a website, a search engine optimization campaign, and a social media presence.  The book is designed to help you make sure that the people you are paying to do the work for you are implementing your Internet presence properly. This is a must have for offices who want an efficient and effective dental office website! Learn more about the workbook here.

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