When your patient attendance increases, so will your production and collections. Make sense?

Doctors and office managers often contact me and ask for the best ideas to attract new patients. Their motivation is simple; those offices need to increase their production. Sure, I could spout off innovative ways to bring in patients, but I don't do that, at least not at first. When I get asked that question, my first response is, "What are your patient attendance rates?" Most offices don't … [Continue reading...]

A Credit Card Reservation Is Not A New Idea

Requiring a credit card reservation to reserve time in a service based industry is nothing new. Hotels wised up to this many years ago. Why did they start asking for credit card info? The answer is simple. They lost a lot of revenue on people who booked a room and then never showed. In a service based industry, time equals money. If a customer no shows, and doesn't tell the business ahead of … [Continue reading...]