I Call Your Name

  A few weeks ago I scratched my cornea. Have you ever done that? No? Well, then let me fill you in. A scratched cornea feels like you rubbed your eye with sandpaper and then doused yourself with actual sand. For a few days afterwards, there's a constant feeling of grit in your eye, even though the original culprit is usually long gone by then. Relief is hard to come by. I was pretty light … [Continue reading...]

I am the EggMan!

Today I bought an egg! Just one egg-and it's rather large and green and I can't wait to eat off it! Confused? Don't be! Today, my fiance and I purchased a new grill called, "The Big Green Egg". Here's what it looks like: We've spent the last 4 weeks researching all kinds of grills online and this was the one we chose! We've been really busy lately and haven't gotten a chance to get one until … [Continue reading...]