Team In-Service #2 Dental Insurance. Feel free to Use For Your Own Practice!

As you may recall, I started doing “in-service” monthly meetings with my team recently.  We use this meeting time as an opportunity to explore dentistry outside of our own office walls. If you are unfamiliar with my in-service meetings, please read about the first in-service here.

My goal is to expose our employees to podcasts, videos, and online mini classes that they might not know exist. I want our team to be knowledgeable about all things dentistry. The more our entire team knows about the dental world, the more value they can all bring to this practice.

For our second in-service meeting, we listened to The Dental Hacks Podcast: The Great Insurance Debate.

Here is the Dental Insurance In-Service handout I created for my team to help them follow along with this podcast.

Please feel free to use these tools with your own team! 

This particular in-service was very eye opening for my team. The clinical employees got a taste of some of the front desk challenges. After that meeting, my team walked away with a better understanding of how insurance companies work and how to handle some of the questions raised by patients regarding their own plans.

Check it out! Let me know your thoughts in the comments below!




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