Team In-Service #3 Digital Photograpy. Feel Free to Use For Your Own Practice!

img_3779We had another in-service meeting the other day and this time it was about digital photography.

We take digital photographs on a lot of our patients, but we needed to improve our system for doing so. I need every team member to be on the same page with taking pictures. For many years, only the doctor and myself have been the ones taking pictures. The time has come for EVERY team member to understand why we take photos, how to do it well, how to upload them, and how to present them to patients. It handicaps the entire office if not everyone can participate in this process.



We listened to the brief podcast of T-Bone Speaks called “Taking Pictures” as a starting point for the in-service.




img_3781I created this handout for the team to use to follow along in the podcast. There are always things I want my team to take away from the podcasts and in this case, I wanted them to understand that ANYONE in the office can take dental images with the digital camera. I also wanted them to be more comfortable with the camera and with uploading the images. The most important thing for them to understand was to know what constituted a good photo. The images not only have to be taken, but they have to be taken PROPERLY.



I reminded them that the end result should be photos that I can use on our website and for marketing purposes.






In order to achieve this, we looked at rules of photography, including the rule of thirds and how to fill the frame.





After reviewing all of that, we moved into the operatory and practiced taking photos. We’re going to keep practicing until everyone can confidently take the photos. The more we know as a team, the better we are for our patients!

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  1. Digital photography is a great tool that can aid in dental care. It’s a good way to see how well things have improved and it can also uncover any problems. The goal is to find an efficient way to take and use these pictures.

  2. Excellent way to keep effort made documented. As usual with any procedure introduced to business, it requires occasional improving.