Team In-Service #4 Seven Things to Enhance in Your Office for a Positive Patient Experience

img_0498Our most recent in-service was another T-Bone Speaks podcast called, “Seven Things to Enhance in Your Office for a Positive Patient Experience.”

Although I do think that our team offers excellent patient services, it never hurts to review and remind those things with our team. Besides, we held this meeting on Halloween and I wanted to give them a rather fun topic and a treat afterwards.

As usual, I’d like to share with you a handout that I made for our team to use during this particular in-service. Some of the questions are specific to our office, so feel free to edit things to suit your practice.

This topic certainly lent itself to some great discussions. I love that part of these meetings!





One of the things the podcast recommends is seeing things through the eyes of our patients. We literally walked out of the building and studied our entire office from the parking lot to the back office. Here we are looking at everything from the patient’s point of view.





After our in-service, I had a little surprise planned for our team-it was Halloween after all! We had an office party at a salon where they all got their nails done. We have such a great team that they totally deserved this reward!











Tell me what your team meetings are like in the comments below!

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  1. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Wow…..Such an amazing and positive atmosphere for patients. Really liked it.