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There have been a LOT of inquiries regarding the New Patient Reservation System lately!

For those of you who don’t know about this system, the New Patient Reservation System is the ONLY way to secure that 100% of your new patients WILL show up for their visits with your office. I developed the system after being frustrated with the time and money lost on new patients who didn’t come in for their visits. Even after doing all of the right things (creating value, getting patients in quickly, reducing barriers) patients STILL weren’t always coming in for their initial appointments. We couldn’t just accept these missed appointments as part of owning a dental business because they hurt the practice too much.

That’s when we decided to start taking credit card reservations.

For those who have never considered the idea, I know you may be concerned about how new patients would react to this idea. I had the SAME concerns. It wasn’t an easy concept for me to accept at first. However, the doctor I work for really wanted me to figure out a way to make it happen, so I had to do it.


There was a lot of trial and error. Did I offend some patients in the beginning? YES! But that was because I didn’t know what the heck I was doing! It took many months to iron out all the details, to create a system and to figure out how NOT to offend people.

What did I discover during my trial and error phase?

1. It’s all in the presentation! Think about it. There’s a way to present to  a patient that he has periodontal disease and be incredibly offensive. There’s also a way to present it and NOT be offensive. Which approach do you think patients would appreciate?

2. If you want to raise the bar in your practice, and let prospective patients know how SERIOUSLY your office takes reserved time with patients, then you MUST have front desk who are capable of handling those calls. Front desk who do not sound professional and confident will fail at obtaining the reservation.

3. It’s ESSENTIAL to follow a step by step system. When a doctor sits down to perform a composite restoration, he/she will follow the same steps in the same order every time! The front desk should also handle calls with a similar step by step approach.


I couldn’t be more proud of this system and am thrilled at the results that offices are getting by following the steps in the system.

I get quite a few messages via this site, my facebook page, and on DentalTown regarding the system, and because a lot of the questions are repeated, I thought I’d take a minute to address those questions and myths here.

Question: “How much do you charge a patient when you take a reservation?”

Answer: NOTHING! I am NOT charging the patient ANYTHING when I take the reservation! That’s NOT what the system is about!

Question: “Do patients get upset when you ask for a credit card?”

Answer: The beauty of the system is that it creates value with each step in the process. By the time the credit card is asked for, the patient is very happy they’ve chosen your office and they will gladly complete the reservation.To put it in another way, many other businesses (car rentals, hotels, etc)  require a credit card reservation. Some of those businesses and others (CE courses and lecturers) even require payment ahead of time. Do you get upset at that? Probably not! 😉

Question: “Will this system hurt my practice?”

Answer: People who don’t show up to their appointments with you are the ones hurting your practice! We are simply eliminating this problem BEFORE it happens. If this system was hurting our practice, we wouldn’t use it, and I certainly wouldn’t recommend that you do it! We are a more efficient office now. We have patients on the schedule and they show up! They take future reservations seriously as well, and they are less likely to give us a hard time about our office policies. This one system ends up solving a whole slew of problems! We’ve been using this system for a few years now, and our business metrics look better than ever!

Question: “What do I get with your system?”

Answer: We worked really hard to put together a 30 minute video (starring me!)  that teaches you each step and takes you through a new patient phone call with different scenarios. You will also receive all the scripts, guidelines, tracking guides, and self evaluation forms to help you through the process. That entire package is available for only $99.


I hope this blog has helped to answer your questions and clear up some myths! Got more questions? Feel free to comment below!

From the bottom of my heart, I thank each and every one of you for your interest in this system and all that Next Step Dental Resource can offer you. There is always more to come….so keep visiting!

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