My Updated Employee Review System

I don’t know about you, but I dread doing employee reviews. Well, it’s not the actual review part when I’m talking to the employee that I hate, it’s all the prep work that goes into it that I find cumbersome and time consuming. It’s tiring to take the time to write up everything, then explain it to an employee for a half hour. I’m the one doing all that work and they end up with a raise. What? 😉

I knew I had to change my system up a bit to be a little more “Missy friendly”. Lucky for me (and for you) I came up with a a great new solution that made the process less tedious for me…and let’s be honest…isn’t it all about making MY life easier? 😉

You may recall, from a previous blog, that I am a big fan of having my employees EARN their raises. Each employee has to always be learning more and doing more in my  office to get a raise. Simply put, if they want me to give them more money every year, they have to give me more as an employee each year. Make sense?

Anyway, the way I USED to do a review was to write up a whole form with new skills that I wanted them to learn in order to earn their raise. I would present the form to the employee a month before they were due for the review and explain what new skills they had to learn  to officially earn their raise. Then, after a month, we would review their progress and they would earn all or part of their raise depending on what they had accomplished from my list. That process wasn’t very difficult for me to do when we only had a few employees. Except now, we have more than a few employees and I just don’t have the time to write up a form for each one of them. Also, it became difficult for me to keep track of when everyone was due for a review, so I knew I had to change that, too. Remember, I’m always trying to make things a little simpler for myself. There are enough things that happen to complicate my day, so whatever I can do to simplify, I’m all for it.

So here’s what I did this year and I LOVED it!

First of all, I did l the reviews in the same month. Interestingly enough, everyone was due within about 60 days of each other, so doing them all at once was ideal for me.

In the first week of June, I gave all of my employees this new Employee Review form (also shown below) at our morning huddle. I explained that we were going to do our reviews a little differently and that I was asking for their help this year.  I told them that their review and raise would depend on the quality of their answers on the form.  I also said that the form was private and their answers were not to be shared with any other employee. Basically, I was asking them to fill out their own review sheet, so I wouldn’t have to do them. Ok, that’s not really true. I was having them fill it out because I really wanted to hear what they thought about their own performance. When you survey people like that, they are typically much harder on themselves than a superior would be. I think it’s essential for my employees to really think about what they contribute to the office and to assess their own value. I wanted them to realize that we accept nothing less than the best for our patients, and if they felt they couldn’t report that, then they should not be working here. I needed them to understand that a raise is something earned through being a super star employee-and not just because they’ve put in their time here. I also wanted them to set their own performance goals because they are much more meaningful if they come from them, and not from me. I already know the things they needed to work on, but I was curious to see what they thought of themselves.

I gave them a few days to fill out their forms and then met with them individually.

When they started handing in those forms back to me, I was shocked (in a good way) at their responses! Some of them needed more paper to write out more complete responses. Some of them mentioned some things about their performance or skill set that I had forgotten about. Every single one of them wrote down the same EXACT weaknesses/skills to work on that I would have written for them. See? They already knew what they need to improve upon.

I was so incredibly proud of their well thought out answers. They did a much better job at analyzing their performance/skills/strengths/weaknesses than I could.  This new way of doing reviews turned out better than I could have hoped.

I let them work on their new skills for the month and then at the end of June, I briefly met with the employee again to discuss how it all turned out for them. If they met their goals, they earned their full raise. If they didn’t meet their goals, they only earned part or none of their raise. The beauty of this system? All of the accountability gets placed back on the employee. It’s all up to them!

In a nutshell, here’s the system.

  1. Hand out Review Form and give the employee a few days to fill it out.
  2. Meet with the employee to go over their responses on the review form and establish what they will work on for the month.
  3. Meet with the employee a month later to discuss progress and raise earned.

I’m going to give myself a good review on my review process!  I encourage comments or questions below!

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  1. Joe Bulger DDS says

    It looks too simple to be right. I guess that’s the brilliance of it. Thanks Missy!

  2. Marcia Barnes says

    Excellent approach Missy – Proud of you!!!